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What Is Telehealth

Now You Can Receive Healthcare From The Comfort Of Home.

No More Driving To The Doctor’s Office. No More Sitting In A Crowded Waiting Room. Telehealth.Direct Saves You Time And Money.

"This was my first experience using this service, and I was understandably a little unsure of what to expect. Additionally, I’m not usually one to write reviews, but I have to say, I was SHOCKED at how easy this service was to use and how extremely quick a physician contacted me. I will absolutely utilize this service again. I absolutely recommend it to others, especially for those of us who are pretty stubborn about actually going to a Walk-in Clinic or the Doctor’s Office.”

- Lou, verified patient

Why Telehealth Direct?

Powered By Leading Telehealth Provider MeMD, You And Your Family Can Access Medical Assistance And Behavioral Health Services At An Affordable Price.

No Traveling
Skip the trip to the office. We make it convenient to meet with a licensed medical, therapy, or psychiatric provider by phone or online from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Prescriptions & Medication Refills
Our medical and psychiatric providers can send prescriptions electronically to your near-by pharmacy when medically needed.

24/7 Access
Request a medical assistance 24/7/365 or schedule an appointment with a behavioral health provider in as few as 24 hours. Plus, our Care Coordination team is available round-the-clock to answer any questions by phone or email.

Peace of Mind
Enjoy knowing that you and your family have access to high-quality medical and mental health care whenever and wherever you need it. No waiting until your next appointment

When Should I Use Telehealth Direct?

Receive The Care You Need, When And Where You Are, For Dozens Of Routine Health Concerns That Affect The Body And Mind.

Medical Care

• Fever

• Headaches

• Mild lacerations and cuts

• Short-term medication refills

• Skin issues

• Vomiting and diarrhea

Behavioral Health Concerns

• Anger and irritability

• Anxiety

• Depressions

• Grief and sadness

• Mood swings

• Stress

…and more!

What They Treat

Take Control Of Your Health

Sign Up For Telehealth Direct Today!

• Talk to a medical provider 24/7 ($15/visit)

• 50-minute talk therapy sessions ($65/session)

• 45-minute psychiatry sessions ($229/initial session, $99/15-minute follow-up visit)

• Prescriptions sent electronically to your nearby pharmacy

• Covers you and up to 5 loved ones

Enroll In Telehealth Direct For Only $9.95/Month And Receive All These Benefits.

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